Luzon Youth Day 2011

On Sunday, 1st of May 2011

Over 200 young Brethren gathered in Baguio for their yearly retreat with the District Apostle. Already Saturday was filled with fun and games and in the evening, presentations of singing and dancing numbers ending with a picture presentation from the Asian Youth Day in Jakarta. The Sunday Morning service was based on Apostle Pauls admonishment REMEMBER in his 2nd epistle to Timothy (chapter 2 verse 8).

Remember, the resurrection of Christ is a power still applicable for all of us today. Remember, Jesus, the seed of David was a man with human inclinations. He has overcome and His power helps us also today to deal with challenges of life. Remember, Paul spoke of my gospel. As an Apostle of Jesus he referred to what Christ taught. My gospel today is to journey that path Christ has shown. Resisting temptation, overcoming, submitting to the will of the father and eventually also being raised unto him in the first resurrection. To REMEMBER is much more than just to be reminded. A young Brother from Ilocos Norte was ordained Deacon and Sr. Genesa from Manila office and our Dc. Rey received the engagement blessing.

A special thank you to the BAGUIO CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL for making their facilities available.