Annual Retreat in Tagaytay

On Tuesday, 9th of January 2018

Every year, 1st week January the Ministers from Metro Manila come together for a retreat. This time also Admin Staff and District Rectors from other Luzon Districts joined the group.

Subject of discussion was the concept and understanding of Ministerial hierarchy, and various social issues those in church service should consider. Saturday evening all joined together for a contemplation on the NAC New Years motto “Faithful to Christ” which each one shall personalize e.g. for me “faithful…FIRST to CHRIST

Introduced was also the DAH Edy Isnugroho, and Bh. Samuel Tansahtikno who will succeed leading the church in the Philippines. DA Hebeisen reiterated that everything he does this year is a LAST because on 18thNovember 2018 he will retire.

Sunday, various congregations were visited. The District Apostle served at Las Pinas Church. Faithful to Christ as Daniel in the old Testament was faithful and true to his promise (Daniel 3-17-18) Also today salvation is granted to those who renounce sin and follow the Lord without compromise.