DA Latorcai visits the Philippines, from 30th July to 1st August

On Monday, 18th of August 2008

He stayed at Apostle Hebeisen’s home who with his wife enjoyed this special soul-care visit .The divine service was in Tayasan, some 2 hours from Dumaguete/Negros Oriental, in the public hall of the municipality over 1800 souls gathered. All 5 Apostles and 12 Bishops from the Philippines as well as Ap. Fred Wolf from Thailand were being hosted. After a wonderful concert at Dumaguete Church they all were treated by the Family of Ap. Catan for a BBQ.The District Apostle concluded his visit to the Philippines with a meeting of the office staff and at our Makati Church where the children choir, the orchestra and the choir surprised him with a concert under the theme “heart to heart fellowship” on 1st August.