Days of joy and work in South Cotabato

On Thursday, 16th of November 2017

The District Apostle Helper Edy Isnugroho toured the Lake Sebu District together with Apostle Alfredo Pascual and Ap. Samuel Hadiwidagdo. Our Tiboli Brothers and Sister welcomed them warmly in all 6 congregations visited.
Next stop was General Santos City where the District Apostle gathered all Apostles and the Bishops from the Philippines for a meeting on various subjects concerning spiritual and pastoral as well as organizational topics.

The program continued in our Tupi Central Church. After an enthusiastic welcome by the various Youth Delegations from Ap. Pascual’s area and while the District Rectors joined the Apostles to study the concept of ministry the Youth had their own agenda which was more of leisure nature. The evening was filled with joyful presentations of drama, music and singing portraying life of faith.

Comes Sunday and almost 500 have prepared for the divine service based on Revelation 21:6-7.

This is the completion of His plan, to deliver mankind from evil bondage and lead them to eternal fellowship

the District Apostle elaborated.

“God sees his accomplishment already in our present because for Him there is no future and no present. He does not make predictions but describes His reality. Our thirst expressed in the Lord’s prayer, our proclaimed desire made at occasion of Baptism, Sealing or Confirmation is an intent which must be reflected in action. Let us profess our faith like the first Christians. Their testimony of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection also was not really logically believable in those days yet resulted in a world wide religion called Christianity. It was their enthusiasm, perseverance and sacrifice which made them credible. Likewise today we do not accomplish much by speeches and slogans and especially not fanatism but commitment, determination, spiritual evolution and by loving the same way how Christ loved.

The day was closed with a visit to the local Radio Station to address our Brethren in far remote areas. For almost 20 years we maintain a Radio Program “The New Apostolic Hour” which addresses to our members but apparently is also highly appreciated by Christian Pastors who say they get inspiration for sermons in their own churches. The Radio station is under catholic supervision and management but our contributions are highly welcome.