District Apostle in Makati and Caraga District

On Tuesday, 3rd of September 2019

District Apostle Edy Isnugroho visited Philippines from August 24th until September 1st, 2019. On Sunday, 24th August in Makati church he was accompanied by all Philippines Apostles. He conducted a divine service and a youth meeting. The Apostles and their assistants were there to attend the National Council Philippines Meeting and the OASYS3 workshop held by brother Robert Maier on the preceding days.

On his visit to Caraga District the District Apostle was accompanied by Apostle Samuel Handojo, Apostle Alfredo Pascual as well as Apostle Leonilo Desoloc who cares for the district. He visited some congregations: Mangagoy, Wawa and Bangonay, conducted ministers meeting and divine services. District Evangelist Alandria Florante from Surigao del Sur entered into early retirement after 32 years of faithful service.

From Friday, August 30th afternoon around 250 youth from Caraga district gathered in Butuan Central for a Youth Day under the theme “Put Christ first and everything else will follow”. The District Apostle shared with them in the Question and Answers program on Saturday evening.

On Sunday morning, a district service was held in our church of Butuan Central. A verse from Psalm 135:6 was used by the District Apostle as based for the divine service. God wants our salvation. He has elected us and called us to become firstlings to enter His kingdom. He makes sure that we have the opportunity to remain faithful to Him. Our salvation does not depend on the circumstances we are going through, but on our faith and on our desire to be in fellowship with God.

In this divine service Deacon Aljun Bocobo was ordained Priest to serve in Bayugan City congregation and a couple received an engagement blessing.