Merger South East Asia into one new extended regional church

On Sunday, 27th of July 2008

27th July 2008: District Apostle Leslie Latorcai informs all congregations in South East Asia about the forthcoming merger in January 2009 of the South East Asian countries under his care with the DA-Area of Indonesia presently headed by District Apostle Alfons Tansahtikno. Over 30 years the New Apostolic Church Canada evangelized the asian region. Much investment was made and many an offering and sacrifice made it possible to build the church up to the present standard. Today 9 Apostles and 16 Bishops serve in this region and will now be joined together with the Apostles and Bishops in Indonesia. At the same time the DAp. Latorcai announced in his letter to the congregations the decision of the Chief Apostle that after retirement of Dap Tansahtikno the pastoral responsibility for this new extended Regional Church will be entrusted to District Apostle Helper Urs Hebeisen from the Philippines.