The Self-image of the New Apostolic Church

The way to salvation ordained by Jesus Christ for our time

  1. The New Apostolic Church is led by Jesus Christ through living Apostles. Its doctrine is based on the Holy Scripture.
  2. The Apostle ministry is the ministry authorized by Jesus Christ to convey salvation.
  3. Apostles are essential to prepare His church for His promised return.
  4. The New Apostolic Church recognizes three Sacraments: Holy Baptism with water, Holy Sealing and Holy Communion.
  5. Dispensing of Holy Sealing and Holy Communion as well as forgiveness of sins is bound to the Apostle ministry.
  6. New Apostolic Christians have received the gift of the Holy Spirit through Holy Sealing.
  7. Jesus Christ, of whom the Holy Scripture bears witness, is central to the faith life of New Apostolic Christians. He is active in His church today and He will return. The goal of faith of New Apostolic Christians is to be united with Christ when He returns.