Retirements in Davao

On Wednesday, 19th of September 2018

Sunday, 14th September 2018 at our Malita Church, Bishop Rodrigo Muda, enters into retirement after 33 years of serving in the ministry of which 21 years as Bishop. The Youth honoured him with presentations on Saturday night.

The Bishop was a quiet man, sometimes too quiet for me” the District Apostle elaborated “but in quietness is also power” he continued, portraying the work of the retiring Bishop.

Born on 1st January 1952 he was adopted, sealed and ordained Priest on 26th November 1985. Mainly responsible for the Subdistrict of Davao del Sur he can now look on many active congregations, most of them in remote areas, as far as the mountains of Jose Abad Santos, which can only since recently be reached on a road. Before it was trecking or on the sea.

The Divine Service was on the bases of 1. Corrinthians 1:26-27

for you see your calling, Brethren….and God has chosen the weak things…

Do you see that, Children of God of today? the District Apostle admonished every one.

“We are called and elected by grace for eternal fellowship with Him. Not by merit but His grace only, regardless of earthly status. This is comfort, this is encouragement and assurance but needs also our response in serving and especially a proper focus on the right priorities.

Another servant of God of many years, District Evangelist Panfilo Ajero, entered retirement at Bocana Beach Chapel on Friday, 12th September 2018. Born 20th July 1951 he received Holy Sealing on 13th October 1985. Since 1988 he serves as Priest and District Leader in a wide area of Davao City, Mount Apo, Matina and North Cotabato. A trusted and faithful Brother now in the ranks of retirees. “I follow you soon” the DA explained.

Sunday night, the District Apostle stopped in General Santos Church for a divine service and celebration of the 70th birthday of retired Apostle Mercurio Nuyad