Apostle Sigfred Catan retired

On Wednesday, 31st of January 2024

District Apostle Edy Isnugroho, accompanied by Apostle Samuel Tansahtikno and Apostle Siegfred Catan visited Negros Oriental, from Sunday, 21st until Sunday, 28th of January 2024. During the week he conducted divine services in Datag, Minaba, San Isidro, and Batinguel congregations.

On Friday, the 26th he conducted the Southeast Asia Apostles and Philippine Bishops Meeting in Dumaguete. Several topics were discussed, and above all he shared what was of particular importance in the service of the Chief Apostle, i. e. creating unity in the Church and spreading the testimony of faith in a uniform manner—the important subject of the universality of the Church, of the gospel, and its proclamation.

On Sunday, 28th November 2023 morning at our church in Batinguel Central he conducted a divine service. The Bible Text was out of Hebrews 13:14: “For here we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come.”

 At the beginning of his sermon, he refers to the many Christian preachers who preach the prosperity gospel. How to become successful, wealthy, and healthy. However, the apostles preach eternal life. Two essentials of Christian faith: believe in the return of Jesus Christ and believe in eternal life. Apostle Paul even mentioned clearly: If we put our hope in Christ only for our natural life here for earthly things, we are of all men most miserable (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:19).

We have no continuing city on this earth.

No one knows how long they will be here. Being aware of this, let us do good to those we love and to others. Our soul and spirit are immortal. At the time of physical death, they enter the realm of the beyond. The parables of the rich man and poor Lazarus (Lk 16:19-31) show us that the life we lead on this earth determines our future in the beyond. It is not wealth or poverty that is punished here, but rather the lovelessness and unbounded egoism of the rich man, while on the other hand, the relationship with God is already evident in Lazarus’ name (“God helps”).

We believe in the city to come

The city to come, the heavenly Jerusalem, is an image of eternal life, of perfect fellowship with God. We believe that Jesus will return to take us to that city. We do not wait for death; we hope for resurrection and eternal life. The dead in Christ will not remain in the beyond; they too will enter the heavenly city. Our faith in eternal life is not based on the proof we can see but on the word of God proclaimed by the Holy Spirit through the apostolate.

We want to enter the city to come

  • Jesus only gives eternal life to those who want it;
  • Our desire for eternal life is expressed in our prayers. We say, “Thy kingdom come,” “Come Lord Jesus!”
  • We pray, first of all, for our salvation, certain that eternal life will wipe away all our sorrows;
  • We also pray for the salvation of our neighbor;
  • We pray for the Church and the apostolate.

We are preparing for eternal life

  • The author of the epistle calls us to leave Jerusalem and come to Christ. Let us not like the people of Jerusalem rejected Jesus because He did not drive out the Romans and punish sinners. We believe that Jesus came to bring eternal life and save sinners!
  • In the city to come, everything will be in accordance with God’s will. We have to learn to do God’s will. We work for our earthly well-being, but we do so in accordance with God’s law.
  • In the heavenly city, the elect will worship and praise God in eternity. Let us learn to do this today—we always have reasons to thank God, in joy and tribulation;
  • They will be in perfect fellowship with God—let us seek fellowship with God in prayer, the divine service, and Holy Communion;
  • The elect will be in perfect fellowship with one another—let us learn to forgive one another and overcome our differences;
  • They will serve God in eternity—let us use our gifts and strengths to serve Christ and His Church.

In the divine service, the District Apostle placed Apostle Sigfred Alos Catan into retirement for health reasons on Chief Apostle’s behalf. Apostle Catan served as a minister for almost 40 years – almost 27 years of them as an Apostle. He has served almost throughout the Philippines, and for some years he worked in Malaysia and China. District Apostle said, that Apostle Catan had a firm belief that Jesus was the truth, who served out of love, worked with zeal, and disciplined servant of God. District Apostle thanked the Apostle wholeheartedly for his many years of blessed work, and his loving and faithful service of the Lord. And he wished the Apostle a retirement richly blessed by the Lord.

Two District Rectors were appointed. Evangelist Cloyd Catan to work for Negros Oriental North, which includes the areas: Jimalalud, Tayasan, Ayungon, and Carol-an Lower. And Priest Gerome Silorio to work for Negros Oriental South, which includes the areas: Bayawan, Bais, Calicanan, and Siquijor.

Apostle Joe An Beli-ot was given additional responsibilities to serve Apostle Catan’s working area temporarily.

He wished the two District Rectors and the Apostle much strength and God’s rich blessing for their great responsibilities.