Apostle’s Council joins annual meeting of NACSEARelief

On Wednesday, 15th of February 2023

Dumaguete/Negros Oriental, 11th February 2023 The annual board of trustees meeting NACSEARelief is traditionally attended by the Apostolate of NAC Philippines. This year in Dumaguete, hosted by board member Ap. Siegfred Catan. The annual report was presented and approved and future actions were discussed. NACSEARelief expressed its appreciation for the support and collaboration of the pastoral network of the New…  Read More.

A Long-Awaited Visit to Negros Oriental

On Monday, 13th of February 2023

For almost three years during the pandemic Covid-19 the District Apostle was unable to visit Negros Oriental, Philippines. It was only at the beginning of February this year that he, accompanied by Apostle Samuel Handojo Tansahtikno and the host, Apostle Sigfred Catan, was able to visit Negros Oriental region for eight days.   On Sunday, February 5 the District Apostle…  Read More.

He will come!

On Sunday, 4th of December 2022

Mary was pregnant at a time when the mood of the Jewish people was low. Israel was no longer a sovereign state and the Roman occupiers were not exactly kind to their subjects. Mary was also directly affected by all of this. She was well along in her pregnancy when she had to undertake a difficult journey to comply with…  Read More.

Negative perceptions

On Friday, 4th of November 2022

Unpleasant, even terrible things happen on this earth which we often cannot explain. People then often create enemy images in order to justify their animosity and have someone to blame for the misery. Be it a nation, a certain group, or a neighbour. Whether this group actually has anything to do with what has happened is completely irrelevant. People simply…  Read More.

Walk by faith, not by sight

On Monday, 17th of October 2022

Fifty years ago faithful servants of God came to the Philippines and announce this great message to them: Jesus is coming! fifty years later this promise is not yet fulfilled. And everyone can see, the Lord didn’t come. A divine service full of encouragement to keep walking by faith.

The Chief Apostle in the tuna capital of the Philippines

On Friday, 14th of October 2022

Located in the region of Soccskargen, one of the amazing and culturally diverse places in the Philippines is the glimmering city of General Santos. The Chief Apostle will spend his weekend in the tuna capital of the Philippines. General Santos is proudly the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. Famous for its numerous fisheries and ports, the city is an active…  Read More.