On Sunday, 28th of May 2017

Cebu Island is one of the oldest Sub-Districts of NAC Philippines. There are not many congregations yet the work of the new apostolic faith is steady and ongoing. In Prado Cebu City we have a stately little Central Church.

Saturday, 27th May Cebu hosted an unusual meeting. 20 delegates from all over the Philippines met to be instructed on the use of internet for the forthcoming Pentecost transmission from Vienna/Austria. An investment was made in IT equipment because also the NAC Academy shall benefit from this new set up. In the future Webinars and a portal for teaching material will be provided in the Philippines. “we did not want to make this step but due to failure of our Satellite service provider we were forced to go ahead and invest into the future” the District Apostle commented in his closing statement.

Simultaneously the Rectors in charge of the Cebu area gathered at the Central Church for deliberations. 6 confirmands prepared for the their vow on Sunday in the Divine Service.

Evangelist PRIMITIVO LUWALIS (70) retired after 32 years of pastoral service in Cebu. And 2 Brothers were ordained Deacon and Priest for the vacancy in the Lantawan congregation.

In the sermon reference was made to David, who coming of age passed on the task to build the temple to Salomon, his son.
“You, the confirmands are the future of the church” the District Apostle elaborated. “Build the temple of God in you were the Lord can find an abode”. “CONSIDER” the bible text in 1 Chronicle 28:10 suggested. “Chosen by God to build. Be strong and do it” was the message to the Confirmands.

Cebu is served and cared for by Apostle Bual and Bishop Quako.