District Apostle Michael Ehrich in the Philippines

On Monday, 30th of November 2015

After the Regional Apostles meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, DA Michael Ehrich from the Church in Germany South visited the Philippines. In our Tiling Church in Negros Occidental he served the ministers and wives in a Divine Service based on Philippians 1:27.

… a conduct worthy of the gospel of Christ….standing fast together in one spirit….


The Youth received him in the evening with various presentations and an intensive Q&A session.  Saturday, there was a Divine Service for the youth

…youth, an example in word, conduct, love, in spirit, faith and purity

(1. Timothy 4:12).

Sunday morning was then in our Makati Church.

all help each other as collaborators of the Apostolate

(Acts 4:31)


“I appreciate this visit of my fellow District Apostle very much. Only if we see each other’s  work- and life environment we can come close to understand each other and thereby create an even deeper

friendship and oneness. That helps a lot when we work together in the DAMI” the DA Hebeisen commented.