District Evangelist Aragon retired

On Thursday, 15th of February 2018

In a District Service for Cebu on Sunday 11th February 2018, the District Evangelist Zacharias Aragon retired after 34 years of active Ministry. He was one of the very first pioneers of the New Apostolic Church in Cebu. Faithful and with zeal he and his family dedicated much time and brought many a sacrifice for the Lord’s work. The church in Argao was one of his accomplishments.

The divine service took place in an auditorium of the university of Cebu City and was about Revelation 1:9.

Through many tribulation we enter the kingdom of God. We shall not falter, become lukewarm or abandon first love, neither spiritually die. Faithful to Christ we trust Him, serve and love Him

A local Music group “SINFONIA ACADEMY” graced the event with their renditions. The young musicians under leadership of Jiovanni Tabada belong to a movement for music, partnering with “SISTEMANG PILIPINO” which promotes musical education mostly for children. Our young Sister Anke Hoyer plays the Oboe in this little orchestra.

On Saturday at our Cebu Church a one day seminar on concept of understanding ministry was offered by the DA Hebeisen and DAH Isnugroho.