District Youth Day Negro Occidental

On Monday, 18th of June 2018

Negros is known for high density new apostolic membership. Accordingly the Youth Event over the weekend of 15-17th June 2018 drew many participants. The District Apostles and all with him were greeting with native drums, some of them very creative, made of gasoline barrels, bamboo tubes and other vessels making sound. Amazing what kind of melodies one can create just with utensils of daily use. There were also choir and orchestra with more serious renditions in the evening presentations.

The distribution of the cebuano Q+A catechism and the latest “commUnity” magazine was greatly welcomed.

The District Apostle was asked whether he looks forward to his retirement. He said: “… this is not a joyful nor is it a sad thing to retire. To retire is a beautiful thing showing that God’s work will never stop and always go on. Important is that we all remain faithful

The Sunday Service at our Tilling Central Church was on the quotation from the Lord’s Prayer

“Your kingdom come, your will be done….” (Matthew 6:10)

“Right after adoration and praise and before our prayer for the daily needs, this is the most important line in our prayers” the DA elaborated. God wants us to be saved from sin and have a future with him, that is why owe want to do His will. God’s will shall be our will.