Feast of Thanksgiving in Tiling

On Monday, 2nd of October 2023

District Apostle Edy Isnugorho visited the Philippines again since his last visit in August. Accompanied by Apostle Samuel Tansahtikno and Apostle Joe An Beli-ot he visited Negros Occidental, from Saturday, 23rd September until Sunday, 1st October 2023. His visit started in Tiling Central congregation and ended also in Tiling Central congregation. During the week he visited Hinobaan, Cayaocao, Tambu, Camindangan, Uyanan, and Botong

During his visit, he conducted: eight divine services and a Youth Discussion. He Carried out retirement: Evangelist Rogelio Carrion, Shepherd Emelio Penero, and District Evangelist Johny Cabanog; ordination of two Deacons; appointed a District Rector for Mantukdo District; and assigned three District Rector’s Assistants.

On Saturday, 30th September evening he conducted a Youth Discussion. And on Sunday, 1st October 2023 morning in Tiling Central he conducted Thanksgiving divine service. He thanked God especially, for God granted good weather during these two days, that the program went well. On Sunday morning all congregations in the working area of Apostle Joe An Beli-ot were invited to join. More than 2,250 brothers and sisters attended the service. Many brothers and sisters from congregations situated on the mountains have to walk over slippery muddy footpaths to get to Tiling Central. The Bible Text was out of

Colossians 3:17: “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him”.

God is perfect. He doesn’t need us and our thanks to feel good, to be honored. He doesn’t get upset if we don’t thank him. He doesn’t depend on people’s thanks. He does not need our sacrifice in this regard. He doesn’t need anything from people. Whether I give him something or not, doesn’t change anything for God. This day of thanksgiving is not about the good Lord. It is about us. It is about giving thanks to God. This is about our relationship with God. We can summarize: Our gratitude or ingratitude is an indicator of our relationship with God. If someone is dissatisfied and ungrateful towards God, it shows that their relationship with God is not right. If we are grateful to God, it is a sign that our relationship with God is healthy or fine.

There are some examples in the Bible where people were ungrateful and dissatisfied, which indicates that the relationship with God was not healthy:

  • Adam and Eve. God created them from the soil. He gave them everything they needed. They had everything, everything was perfect. He gave them everything and entrusted creation to them. Pure grace! They didn’t realize this, they were dissatisfied, wanted more, and were completely unaware of how dependent they were on God.
  • Israel was in captivity in Egypt and God freed them through His mighty power. They were grateful then. But only for a couple of days. Thereafter they were dissatisfied, complained, and grumbled because they had no water. The food wasn’t right, they weren’t happy. They had completely forgotten what God had made for them.
  • The nine lepers. Ten lepers were sick, they were completely separated from society. They met Jesus, and asked for help. Jesus helped them and they were healed. One of them came back, knelt down, and said thank you. Nine simply walked away.

Perhaps they thought it was completely unjust for them that they were sick, that they were lepers.

  • The workers in the vineyard worked all day. At the end of the day, they got their reward as it was agreed upon. But when they noticed that the others who had worked much less had received the same wages, they complained and got really upset.

Let us be grateful, that our relationship with God is healthy. we are thankful for everything He gives us without our deserving it:

  • He watches over His creation and provides for our earthly needs;
  • Jesus Christ, the Son of God, gave His life to deliver us from sin—the greatest possible proof of love;
  • God answers our prayers out of grace, not because we deserve it;
  • Grace is the only way to eternal fellowship with God.

There are five ways to express our thankfulness to God, by:

  • our prayers
  • attending the divine services
  • bringing our sacrifice
  • appreciating His gifts and taking care accordingly: creation, health, family, our childhood in God
  • speaking and working in the name of Jesus Christ.

Important is that Jesus can express Himself through us. Let us season our words (and our writings) with the salt of the gospel (Col 4:6): gratitude towards God, humility, devotion to God, trust in God. kind of care, a kind of love, of goodness, of grace, desire for reconciliation, desire for unity. This Salt makes the flavor. We should also do it in the name of the Lord Jesus. This means we do works in the name of the Lord Jesus. This is also very easy to understand: When we act, we should remember: “It belongs to the Lord.”

In the afternoon a concert was held. Approximately 50 singers and music players from Tiling Central, Tabo, and Cata-an congregations presented choral singing and music, starting with chor and ending with the beautiful piece: “Lord, Lord, we thank thee, Lord.”

Sister Jolanda Klaara from Manila had come to Tiling several times to train the group of singers and music players to prepare for this concert. The District Apostle appreciated their efforts and sacrifices which brought a good quality and very enjoyable concert. They truly made an accomplishment. He appealed to them that they never gave up their efforts, but continue to progress until we sing together a song of Moses in the kingdom of heaven. The concert adds great joy to the brothers and sisters on Thanksgiving Day.