I shall return

On Monday, 11th of June 2018

These famous words of General Mac Arthur are recorded in the history books. A monument commemorating the Leyte landing over 70 years ago stands at seashore near Tacloban Cit He promised to come and liberate the Philippines. He did.

The Youth from Leyte gathered for a weekend of inspiration. “A promise to return is still pending. The return of Christ” the District Apostle elaborated in the divine service in our San Jose Church in Tacloban on Sunday, 10th June.

The venue of the Youth Program was at the seashore where 5 years ago thousands died by the fury of typhoon “Yolanda” A 100 years ago 15000 souls entered here into the realm for the departed due to natural disaster. Not to mention the many who lost their lives here in the battles of liberation at the end of world war II.

During the Saturday Youth Program the ministers had a separate meeting on the subject of “Bible, Church and ministry” as well as the battles and victories of the Lord’s servants in view of the example Caleb has given.

“We look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells, according to HIS PROMISE” (2. Peter 3:13)

was the theme of the divine service on Sunday

For the DAH Edy Isnugroho it was the first visit to Leyte. He was warmly welcomed. It was the last visit for the District Apostle. I cannot promise “I shall return” he said “…but as tourist maybe”.

Leyte and Biliran are subdistricts cared for by Bh Puso who lives in Tacloban and Ap. Bual from Bohol the nearby island of Bohol. There are not many members and only a dozen congregations but steady ever since the work was established here at the beginning of the movement by Canadian Missionaries in the early eighties.