On Wednesday, 18th of December 2019

Christmas celebrations are tradition in New Apostolic Congregations and are taking place, usually in form of concerts and presentations, worldwide these days. Makati congregation has a long tradition as well in this kind of yearly activity.

This year we had a bit a different format. “A drama musical” was presented, Sunday December 15 at our Makati Church.

Renditions of choir and orchestra were followed by scenes out of congregation life, with themes such as “why come to divine services?” because “God loves you” and episodes from family life’s reality “going abroad for work” then again followed with presentations from bible history “the fetching of bride Rebecca” and scenes from the Christmas story, of course, were not missing.

It was an amazing show, at times heart touching then again prompting laughter “oh you have gained weight” One thing was evident the work and effort and sacrifice of time for rehearsals ever since July was enormous and we could see for sure in Makati there is a lot of talent among the youth and even the little children. (See the pictures for yourselves)