News from the calamity area Leyte

On Wednesday, 13th of November 2013

Apostle Bual and Pr. Chris from the NACSEARelief office have reached Bato/Leyte and have distributed food to 34 families. That is only a “drop on a hot stone” but a good beginning. At least our Brethren have a little comfort.

We know that Bishop Puso is alive, but otherwise no communication yet. Our Brothers are now on the way to Tacloban. Especially the security situation is delicate. We need angel’s protection.

International help has started. In need now are experts and mega organisation like marines, military, police, Red Cross etc. However we are confident to do our part in this never before calamity.

Our hearts go out to the uncountable victims, souls who entered the beyond by such violence, homeless, the hungry and the injured, sick ones, fellow men who lost loved ones. Great distress and calamity for many, many humans.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Please read :