Obituary. Evangelist Bill Scott, passed away

On Wednesday, 18th of January 2012

Evangelist Bill Scott, passed away in Arizona, on 19. December 2011. Born on 28th September 1918, he was 93 years old.

In 1985 I met him for the first time in Pasadena/California when he was a retired Deacon. He told me about his testimony of the new apostolic faith he brought during the war to people in the area of Pangasinan where his ship was on anchor. Thus I called him jokingly: “the first Evangelist in the Philippines”

He had the longing to make a visit to the Philippines for the sake of old times. This was soon realized and coincided with a visit of District Apostle Kraus. Just before leaving for the Airport the District Apostle ordained the retired Deacon as an Evangelist for the Philippines.

A blessed time of activities, mainly in the North of Luzon started. He made around 3 trips per year and stayed each time a few weeks. It was his passion to look after all aspects of Missionary work. He evangelized, instructed Brothers, teaching the members, looking after church construction and even the widows had in him a caring Pastor.

We remember the many visits he made to our house where he was a friend of the family. He saw our children growing up. On 6th September 1998 I retired him in a divine service in Asan Church in Pangasinan.

The widow, our Sister Ingrid who at times accompanied him, wrote me:

His work and time in the Philippines was very important to Bill. He was keeping in touch with some of the Philippine ministers until recently. We treasured the times at your home. They were very special to both of us. Bill enjoyed life to the last moment but above all he was a most faithful man. I miss him so very much but I know time will heal. Our heavenly Father was so kind and gracious to take Bill when his time was up, he went very peacefully. I also feel that peace within me, and the love that surrounds me.

We in the Philippines, keep likewise a good memory. We remember this outstanding pioneer
in God’s work. May he now find a new work area among the souls in eternity. He will be
busy, more than ever before and we look forward to the day when we shall meet again. Fair
well, dear „Uncle Scotty“. Till we meet again.

Urs Hebeisen