Philippine Apostles and Bishops in Jakarta/Indonesia

On Tuesday, 3rd of December 2013

Grandios concert to mark the end of the Jubilee Year. Apostles, Bishops and country Rectors NACSEAsia gathered for their yearly meeting. This time Jakarta was hosting, the Asian capital with the biggest number of congregations and members. A wonderful concert on Saturday 30th December evening marked the conclusion of the 150years Anniversary festivities. 150 children started with 3 renditions in Bahasa and English followed by various choirs and orchestra. The famous Anklung of course was not missing. The group who is preparing for presentations at the International Church Convention in Munich, Pentecost 2014 convinced with their playing skills. 2 hours of Jubilation and Praising the Lord.

The ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, delegated its Director for Religious Christian affairs, Dr. Andar Gultom, which in his speech lauded the 130 years of work and engagement of the Church in Indonesia.

During the convention various themes and projects on NACSEAsia vision 2014 were deliberated. An exercise of self-assessment of ones personal understanding of the term “church” triggered a lively discussion.

The festive divine service was attended by 1700 participants. The District Apostle served with the word of Jesus in John 14:3. What does Jesus want? His goal was clear and explicit and climaxed in the promise “to prepare a place that you are where I am” Are we already today where Jesus is?


Jubileum Concert, 150 year New Apostolic Church, Jakarta 30 Nov 2013 and Jakarta Divine Service Dec 1 2013 By DA Urs Hebeisen



Jakarta Divine Service Dec1’2013 By DA Urs Hebeisen