Reunion of old companions and fellow workers

On Thursday, 18th of August 2016

Our previous District Apostle, responsible for the Philippines and  part of South East Asia, was  Leslie Latorcai. He is now retired for 6 years. For many years, in various ministries, he was instrumental to build up the church in South East Asia, mainly Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia.  In his time he handled the immense portfolio of overseas mission with the assistance of the District Apostle Helpers Woll, Dzur, Sobotka, Deppner and Hebeisen. Much has changed meanwhile in the structure of the Church organization, three District Apostles have emerged out of this group,  but one thing remained: the friendship of the team who worked together for so many years.

Today’s District Apostle of the Regional Church of  Canada, Mark Woll, invited all for a reunion with the words: Like branches of a tree, our lives may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. He and his wife Marion treated this old “gang” to  a wonderful homemade  dinner. Needless to say that many old stories were shared  and experiences and  also the concerns for the future were discussed and elaborated. It is in fellowships like this where each one can gather strength and inspiration for the work in each ones place. FRIENDS FOR EVER!

District Apostle ret.  Latorcai served the Philippines and South East Asia until end of 2008. His work and investments remains seen until this day.