On Thursday, 28th of June 2018

Missionary efforts do not bring always sustainable success. In the area of Lutopan in Cebu, some 30 years ago many members gathered in small congregations and a central church was build to accommodate all in subdistrict events. Yet the church activity lasted only a few years and the members moved away for work.

After many efforts to make proper use of the property, NACSEARelief, the social responsibility arm of the Church in the Philippines has been commissioned to look for a suitable community project. Again extensive negotiations were necessary but finally a Partner could be found in the DASVO Multipurpose Cooperative, the Corporate Social Responsibility of nearby CARMEN COPPER MINING. Finally on 21st June 2018 an USUFRUCT agreement could be signed. DASVO will use the lot where once our church stood for a show room for products of the local cottage industry.