On Monday, 31st of December 2018

Today is the last day of the year 2018. It is also the last day of responsibility as District Rector for the New Apostolic Church of the Philippines of DA ret. Urs Hebeisen (66). On 18th November 2018 he retired as District Apostle but acted as District Rector, a position comparable to Church President until the end of 2018.

The SEC has approved the assignment of Apostle Samuel Tansahtikno (47) as the legal representative and District Rector of NAC Philippines effective 1st January 2019. He will be assisted by the National council, a board of trustees consisting of the Apostles in the Philippines, and one Administrative Executive. They report to the District Apostle for South East Asia Edy Isnugroho (55), whose office is in Bandung and Jogiakarta, Indonesia.

We wish the incoming District Rector much success and godly wisdom in leading the temporalities of the Church besides his pastoral tasks in the ministry of an Apostle.

The New Apostolic Church worldwide closes a calendar year with a divine service. Yesterday, Sunday 30th December the last service of the year was themed “God does great things” the sermon based on a word from Psalm 126:3

“the Lord has done great things for us and we are glad”

The faithful were encouraged to conclude the year by reflecting on all the things for which one can give thanks to God. Such gratitude strengthens the trust in His leadership up until the fulfilment of His plan of redemption. What was begun when God first drew near will then lead to salvation in never-ending fellowship with Him: eternal life. HAPPY NEW YEAR!