Youth and Ministers meet in Ozamis

On Wednesday, 1st of August 2018

Ap. Leonilo Desoloc who is responsible for soul care in northern and western Mindanao, from Surigao to Zamboanga hosted a Youth Convention in the City of Ozamis (Misamis) and invited also the Brothers of the Ministry. Special guests were the District Apostle and his successor the District Apostle Helper, Ap. Edy Isnugroho. Also the Apostle Bual who pioneered the area years ago joined the festive weekend.

Pictures usually say more than words. The Saturday evening was a joyful gathering of song and dance, and Sunday the divine service took place at our Ozamis Church.

Message of the sermon: The Father to Son talk recorded in 1st Chronicles 28:10. Build the temple of the Lord, you are chosen for it. Be strong and do it. Jesus the Son of God laid the foundation on which we today build God’s temple in us and also the Church. We are chosen for this work by the rebirth out of water and spirit. We are encourage by the Heavenly Father and His Son: You can do it

Let us do it by professing faith in word and deed. The public opinion of the New Apostolic Church is more dependent on the behaviour of its members than on its doctrine. What image of Church do we give around us?” The District Apostle elaborated.