Donations to NAC SEA Relief

On Tuesday, 14th of December 2021

The New Apostolic aid organisation NAC SEA Relief was delighted with the many donations it received this year. A minister from South Korea, for example, donated medical face masks, which the charity distributed to the needy. Support also came from a deceased couple in Germany. Klara and Adolf Unfried, a childless couple, wanted to support poor children and young people, especially orphans,…  Read More.


On Wednesday, 1st of December 2021

A promise is a declaration or assurance, stating a commitment to give or do something specific. Whether what has been promised is actually done is a different question. The first message for Advent, however, is: God keeps what He has promised! After the fall, He promised the first human beings that He would send them a Redeemer, and He confirmed…  Read More.


On Tuesday, 2nd of November 2021

What God does is often incomprehensible to us humans. We ask ourselves why He allows the one or other thing and does not prevent it. We do not agree with God at all. We humans also tend to overestimate ourselves and believe that we can do things better than God. Was this not one of the main reasons for man’s…  Read More.

Community 4/2021: What really matters in life

On Monday, 4th of October 2021

There is so much that competes for our attention, and we have to set priorities… But what really matters? Here is an answer from Chief Apostle Schneider. The new issue of community also features aspects of the Church’s teachings, people who share our faith, and congregational life around the world. What is truly important in life? Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider…  Read More.

Essential for salvation

On Friday, 1st of October 2021

The question of what really matters often crops up in the course of a human life. And often the following recommendation is given: let’s concentrate on the essentials. Even the disciples had to learn this: if the message they were proclaiming was to reach the people, they would have to focus on the essentials. They had to leave everything else…  Read More.


On Friday, 3rd of September 2021

When athletes take part in the Olympic Games, they also represent the country under whose flag they are competing. The symbols of the different nations are omnipresent, especially at the awards ceremonies. For many this is a huge additional motivation not only to train and compete for their own success but also for their country. If they do their job…  Read More.