On Monday, 28th of May 2018

This year the NAC-Makati congregation once again conducted the “Vacation Bible School Program” to the Sunday school children. It’s a week-long program where kids were being taught with different enjoyable activities such as drawing, crafting, storytelling, fun games, film showing and a lot more which were integrated with gospel message to help the kids learn more about Bible story and…  Read More.


On Monday, 21st of May 2018

The District Apostles from all over the world gathered in Washington DC for their first annual meeting. Their wives visited a charity organization, also the Bible Museum and engaged in a discussion on the early church. After intensive deliberations during 2 days they made a short sightseeing tour visiting Arlington cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. An…  Read More.

DAH Edy Isnugroho introduced to Palawan

On Wednesday, 25th of April 2018

Together with Ap. Leonilo Desoloc and Bh. Puso the DAH Edy Isnugroho toured the beautiful area of Palawan, Philippines, from 20th to 24th April. In the northern area of Palawan he conducted a Ministers Meeting in Taytay, Program with the Youth and a Divine Service in Calawag congregation. In the southern area he conducted a Ministers Meeting and a Divine…  Read More.

94 Confirmands at Tilling Central Church

On Tuesday, 10th of April 2018

Negros Island (Ap. Beliot, Occidental and Ap. Catan, Oriental) has the biggest new apostolic membership in the Philippines. Consequently the yearly number of confirmands is considerable. 94 young Brothers and Sisters gave their Yes words and made their vow on Sunday 8th April 2018. On Saturday the District Apostle gathered them to emphasize once more on the importance of being…  Read More.

Passion Week: a special kind of journal

On Thursday, 29th of March 2018

The events between Palm Sunday and Easter are full of suspense: a man is betrayed, scorned, accused, arrested, and killed. Jesus goes through hell and reaches heaven. A timeline from the Gospel of Mark. Palm Sunday It all begins on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter. People are standing at the side of the road cheering Jesus Christ as He…  Read More.

Family Day in Pangasinan, DEl. Anastacio Marcena retired

On Monday, 12th of March 2018

2 days of festivities at our Asan Sur Church. FAMILY DAY and it incorporated everything. Seminar Meeting for the Brothers in the ministry by the District Apostle, Workshop for basic music teaching for children, Workshop for Sunday School Teachers an evening of presentations of talents and of course a District Service for the whole working area of District Elder Marcena….  Read More.