Pentecost 2022: Building the temple of God together

On Monday, 6th of June 2022

After being delayed for approximately 2 years due to the covid-19 pandemic, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider was finally able to visit the children of God in Argentina. He was accompanied by all the District Apostles and District Apostle Helpers from around the world in a Pentecost Divine Service at our central church in Buenos Aires.


On Wednesday, 1st of June 2022

One of Jesus’ biggest concerns is the unity of those who believe in and follow Him. He makes this very clear in His intercessory prayer in John 17. For many, unity is synonymous with uniformity: no differences, everyone is the same. In an ideal world, we ourselves are the measure of all things, and everyone else corresponds to our own…  Read More.

A message to all

On Sunday, 1st of May 2022

Even today the Apostles, in fact, all of us, are sent by God to proclaim the gospel. The gospel is there for all people, because all suffer from sin. When Jesus read from the Torah in the synagogue in his hometown of Nazareth, he read Isaiah 61: 1–2: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord…  Read More.

Apostle Beli-ot visits Jimalalud District

On Monday, 11th of April 2022

Apostle Joe An Beli-Ot visits our brothers and sisters in Tayasan and Jimalalud district. The journey starts on Saturday, April 9, 2022 to Tayasan district together with Priest Cris Ronquillo for church inspection damage by typhoon Odette in Bulwang, Napiangan, Papa Church which totally damage. Then on Sunday morning the Apostle together with Priest Cris Ronquillo, District Evangelist Jucito Sagaysay…  Read More.

community 2/2022: Interesting, informative, and inspiring

On Friday, 1st of April 2022

Chock full with information and inspiration… Edition 2/2022 of the New Apostolic member magazine community can be downloaded starting today. Here is a glance at the content.

Staying with Him

On Friday, 1st of April 2022

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, He had just brought the dead Lazarus back to life and thus aroused many hopes among the people. When the people noticed that He was not about to fulfil these hopes, they dropped Him like a hot potato. But not His disciples, they stayed with Him—even though they would have had every reason to doubt in…  Read More.