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20 Oct `11

Chief Apostle Leber’s Visit

20 Oct `11

Since Pentecost May 2005, the Chief Apostle visited Manila and gathered 24 Apostles who are active in 19 Asian countries. The Divine Service on Sunday 12th at Makati Church was transmitted to 22 locations in the Philippines, 7 locations in South East Asia. Over 23000 have attended and furthermore the Service was also broadcast on NBN channel 4. Apostle Francisco…  Read More.

Bishop Esser’s visit

20 Oct `11

Bishop Esser visited the Philippines for Seminars in Legaspi, Tacloban, Cebu City, Tagbilaran and Makati. Two main subjects were on his agenda: soul-care visits and sacrifice and offering. Additionally, there were 2 Youth Days, Brother Meetings, and various visits.


Church building projects

20 Oct `11

Mothersday and Vacation Bible School 2009

01 May `09

Youth outing in Banca-Banca Victoria, Laguna 18./19. April 2009

18 Apr `09

Easter Divine Service with Confirmation at Makati Church 12. April 2009

12 Apr `09

2008 Manila Concert

20 Oct `08

At Makati Church the children choir, the orchestra and the choir surprised the District Apostle Latorcai with a concert under the theme “heart to heart fellowship” on 1st August 2008.

Confirmation 2006

20 Oct `06

Confirmants from all over the Philippines