NACSEARelief Newsletter 2014

On Wednesday, 9th of July 2014

The newsletter l/2014 is off the press. An account on our activities especially also an update on Typhoon Haiyan Rebuilding. Click Here Watch out for the future dedicated website of NACSEARelief at www.nacsearelief.org

Divine Service for the Departed at Tiling Church/Negros Occidental

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On Tuesday, 8th of July 2014

Ap. Domingo Diagbel hosted the second Divine Service for the Departed in 2014 on Sunday, 6th July. Ap. Samuel Hadiwidagdo from Indonesia and Ap. Catan joined the District Apostle who officiated. A ministers and wives meeting at Binalbagan church preceded the festivity. Friday night the District Apostle served in preparation in Bacolod. The doctrine of the beyond is one of…  Read More.

Philippine Flag In Congo

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On Monday, 30th of June 2014

To accompany the Chief Apostle in his travel is always a special treat for an Apostle. To experience and share with him the fellowship with our brethren in the Congo is unique. As reported on www.nak.org  “Divine services in the Congo are always very big. It is the country with the biggest  newapostolic  membership on earth. DA Nadolny from Germany and our DA Hebeisen…  Read More.

Apostle ret Virgil Fuentes passed into the realm for the Departed

On Monday, 16th of June 2014

Sunday, 15th June 2014 our Apostle was buried by the 5 Apostles in the Philippines. The District Apostle who is still in Europe dedicated the word from 2. Corrinthians 5:7-8 “ For we walk by faith, not by sight. We are confident, yes well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord”   “This word of the…  Read More.

Munich Germany

On Tuesday, 10th of June 2014

ICC is now past. What remains is a wonderful memory and a powerful Pentecost message engraved in our hearts. http://www.nak.org/de/glaube-kirche/pfingstrueckblicke/multimedia/2014-highlights-2014/ Our Indonesian ANKLUNG Orchestra received a standing ovation in the Munich Olympia Stadium and constantly filled the tent of NACSEAsia where an estimated 3 to 4000 visited every day. The troubadours from the Philippines caught the attention of many wherever…  Read More.

A Year of Resilience

On Thursday, 22nd of May 2014

NACSEARelief, an NGO for humanitarian aid based on an initiative of the New Apostolic Church South East Asia, with office in Makati, Manila has released its annual report 2013 titled “A YEAR OF RESILIENCE” which can be downloaded at following link. Besides its core activities the focus in 2013 was on Disaster Relief. The devastating effect of Typhoon Haiyan is…  Read More.