With the Chief Apostle in Israel

On Monday, 15th of October 2012

After the work at the DAM, the Chief Apostle and all District Apostles visited Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Capernaum. In our church  in Nazareth, the Chief Apostle served from 2. Corinthians 4:7+8. Not what we see with our human eyes but the invisible which is godly.   Nazareth congregation is a small congregation. Only a few gather regularly. The Chief Apostle showed much…  Read More.

Thanksgiving – Jubilee

On Monday, 8th of October 2012

Celebration 470 and among them 80 guests have attended the Thanksgiving Divine Service at Makati Church. At the same time also the 40th Anniversary of the New Apostolic Church in the Philippines was celebrated.  See background at:   http://www.nak.org/news/news-display/article/17731/ Thanksgiving is an yearly highlight and the festive atmosphere was felt throughout the day. The District Apostle elaborated in his sermon that already…  Read More.

AROMA BEACH, Negros Oriental

On Monday, 1st of October 2012

Another weekend for the youth. Over 500 brothers and Sisters gathered at Aroma Beach, near Dumaguete to have fellowship, and competing in various sports and ball games. The youth from many sub-districts presented their skills in art and music and as it is when the youth gathers, fun was always present. In some bible translations Proverb 3 is titled with…  Read More.

South Cotabato

August September 2012 442
On Monday, 24th of September 2012

The annual visit of the District Apostle coincided with the 64th Birthday of Apostle Marcurio Nuyad.  The youth prepared many presentations showing their skills in performing art and singing. All ministers and wives in Lake Sebu (the area of the Tibolis) gathered in the Lamlahak church on Saturday. In a evening Youth Forum the District Apostle answered many questions from…  Read More.

40th Anniversary of NAC celebrated on Thanksgiving Day

On Thursday, 20th of September 2012

On 12th October 2012 the first Filipinos have accepted the new apostolic faith. Ap. Erwin Wagner from Canada founded the first congregation in Manila. See Press Release and related Article

Swiss National Day celebration

On Thursday, 20th of September 2012

On the occasion of the Swiss National Day celebration the District Apostle met with Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto who is the current nuncio to the Philippines, appointed on May 10, 2011. He previously served as nuncio in Africa and most recently Chile. The Papal Nuncio or Papal Legate has the seniority of precedence over other Ambassadors in the Philippines as he…  Read More.