Handicraft Actual Teaching for Ministers’ Wives in Bohol

On Friday, 30th of September 2016

This program was initiated by Sister Lucienne Hebeisen, the wife of District Apostle Hebeisen.  It is for the sisters to be able to have knowledge about handicraft.  They were taught basic techniques in crocheting.  (Crochet means a handicraft in which yarn is made up into a patterned fabric by looping yarn with a hooked needle).  Through this program, the sisters…  Read More.

Tagbilaran/ Bohol

On Tuesday, 27th of September 2016

This was the District Apostle’s stumping ground in the late seventies. As a young Priest he was sent by then Apostle Erwin Wagner. The church is today spread all over the Island. A generation change took place on Sunday, 25th September 2016. The District Elder Tubal entered into well-deserved retirement. Many years he looked after this sub-district together with District…  Read More.

21st September 2016 World Day of Prayer for Peace

On Wednesday, 21st of September 2016

We join our fellow Christians in prayer for peace. Romans 14:19 …pursue the things which make for peace….edify one another

Butuan, Caraga Region Youth Day, 17-18 September 2016

On Monday, 19th of September 2016

Active and very colorful was the Youth fellowship at the FREE METHODIST CAMPGROUND. Youth groups from the whole Caraga Region and delegates from as far as South Cotabato have followed the invitation of Apostle Leonilo Desoloc and enjoyed the day together. However there were other events during this weekend. The District Apostle dedicated a chapel in nearby Brgy Sanghan. All…  Read More.

Reunion of old companions and fellow workers

On Thursday, 18th of August 2016

Our previous District Apostle, responsible for the Philippines and  part of South East Asia, was  Leslie Latorcai. He is now retired for 6 years. For many years, in various ministries, he was instrumental to build up the church in South East Asia, mainly Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia.  In his time he handled the immense portfolio of overseas mission with the…  Read More.

New staff at NACSEAsia Administration

On Tuesday, 26th of July 2016

Ruth Moring is our new member of the team at the Admin. Office in Makati. Born on 12 September 1989 in rural Surigao province she worked herself through school and eventually passed the board exam as a Certified Public Accountant. She joined us early this year and after probation was now entrusted with  the position of the  Assistant to the…  Read More.