Chief Apostle in retirement RICHARD FEHR passed away Sunday, 30th June 2013, 11 pm (Philippine time).

On Monday, 1st of July 2013

Chief Apostle in retirement RICHARD FEHR passed away Sunday, 30th June 2013, 11 pm (Philippine time). He visited the Philippines for the first time in 1988, still as Chief Apostle Helper sent by then CA Hans Urwyler. Divine Services were conducted in Binana/Laguna and Cebu City. 1992 he made his first visit as Chief Apostle and served the new apostolic…  Read More.

Apostles and Bishops Meeting in Tagbilaran/Bohol

On Monday, 3rd of June 2013

The meeting was about the Vision of Pentecost 2013 and our new Chief Apostle Jean Luc Schneider. Furthermore the assembly of the South East Asian Apostles reviewed the resolutions of the District Apostles Meeting in Stuttgart last March and the liturgy volume 2, on special types of divine services. An in-depth study on Chapter 8 of the Catechism rounded up…  Read More.

Priesthood Convention In Butuan

On Sunday, 26th of May 2013

70 Priests and their wives gathered at Butuan Church for a two day seminar. DEv. Freddy Nuyad was leading through various topics regarding spiritual leadership, liturgy and divine services as well as soul care aspects. The District Apostle joined later with insights from the European Apostles meeting in Hamburg and the Pentecost message at the turn over the Chief Apostle…  Read More.

Our new Chief Apostle is JEAN LUC SCHNEIDER

On Monday, 20th of May 2013

in yesterday’s Divine Service on Pentecost Sunday, Chief Apostle Leber ordained his successor. The new Chief Apostle then retired him with touching words of acknowledgement of the accomplishments. http://www.nak.org/news/naci-news/article/18093/ The Divine Service was transmitted by Satellite and internet to almost 100 locations in South East Asia. Almost  15000 souls attended.  The traditional word of greetings on Pentecost was from Isaiah 62:11…  Read More.


On Thursday, 16th of May 2013

“a message sent around the world”. We look forward to be part of the one, worldwide congregation gathering this coming Pentecost – Sunday. The divine service held by Chief Apostle Leber in Hamburg Germany will be transmitted around the globe and attended live by millions. Please click for public information on this special and for our church historical event. In…  Read More.

Confirmation 2013

On Monday, 22nd of April 2013

As every year the young members of the church make their “confirmation vow” in special divine services scheduled after Easter and before Pentecost. Confirmation (Latin confirmatio = reinforcement, affirmation) is that act of blessing in which young New Apostolic Christians take upon themselves the obligations which their parents undertook on their behalf at their baptism and sealing. They bear now…  Read More.