New “community” just published

On Thursday, 5th of October 2017

Our magazine “community” No. 4/2017 has been published and can be downloaded from this Webpage. Print copies will be distributed in the congregations.


On Monday, 2nd of October 2017

Thanksgiving Day, first Sunday in October, has tradition in the New Apostolic world. Especially in the northern hemisphere where there is harvest season this century old customs is celebrated in our church. Congregations in the Philippines and whole Asia joined in marking Thanksgiving not only with a special sermon but elaborate Altar decoration. Our District Apostle and District Apostle Helper…  Read More.

International Day of Prayer for Peace

On Sunday, 17th of September 2017

On 21st September we observe the International Day of Prayer for Peace. Together for PEACE, Respect, safety and dignity for all goes this year’s message of the United Nation. Christians remember the famous greetings of Jesus: PEACE BE WITH YOU. Yet also the Psalmist desired the city of Jerusalem be filled with peace and salvation from within and that its…  Read More.

Youth Day Mindanao North

On Tuesday, 12th of September 2017

Apostle Desoloc gathered over 500 youth from his working area and invited to Cabadbaran in Agusan the District Apostle and his helper Apostle Edy Isnugroho for an action packed weekend. The young Brothers and Sisters came as far as Zamboanga City and the Surigao Islands. Youth is never bored and enjoyed fellowship and games during Saturday while the Ministers were…  Read More.

Rector appointed for Makati congregation

On Thursday, 31st of August 2017

After many year of multitasking the District Elder Loloy Depaz was finally relieved from congregational rectorship in Makati in order to concentrate on his responsibility as District Rector for Luzon Central. On Sunday 27th August Pr. Roberto Silvestre was appointed as Rector for Makati Congregation. This is a congregation which always must be the example of standard to all congregations…  Read More.

PENTECOST 2017 celebration in Vienna/Austria

On Saturday, 3rd of June 2017

The sermon of the Chief Apostle on Pentecost Sunday will be broadcast worldwide. The New Apostolic Church Philippines is connected, on line at 20 locations throughout the country. May the fire of the Holy Spirit, this powerful force from on high, captivate us all and fill us with great joy, for even today we can still feel the Spirit of…  Read More.