Welcome to Bais/Negros Oriental

On Wednesday, 3rd of April 2013

from 5-8 April, Bais will host the Philippine National Youth Day. The District Apostle Markus Fehlbaum and his wife Anneliese will be the guests of honor. Youth from all over the Philippines are on the way Bais,  but also Delegations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Thailand are expected. The NACSEAsia Youth Orchestra will have its annual rehearsal. The 150th church jubilee…  Read More.

Retirement in Mindoro

On Sunday, 31st of March 2013

On Easter Sunday the District Apostle visited Santa Maria Congregation in Mindoro. Priest Leonardo Mariano entered into his well deserved retirement. 1987 when our Church in Mindoro was in its founding stage he joined the ministry and soon started serving as a Priest. 25 years of faithful dedication. We wish him a peaceful and healthy retirement. The Easter service was…  Read More.

Good Friday and Easter in the Philippines

On Thursday, 28th of March 2013

A country where Holy week still is very meaningful and in all people’s mind. Let us profess what we believe. Christ died for you and me. Good Friday is to be an admonition not to let any distance come between us and the Lord. Let never any indifference to His sacrifice come up. The events of Easter then prompt us…  Read More.

First time in Quezon/Palawan

On Sunday, 24th of February 2013

Even though the District Apostle lives 30 years in the Philippines he never was in Quezon/Palawan. Finally 23/24th February he made it. The Youth of the congregation of Barrio Underground hosted a youth event. The Evangelists, came with their District Evangelists and District Elder from as far as Taytay in the north of Palawan were most our members live. In…  Read More.

Matalom, Southern Leyte. Regional Ministers and Youth Meeting

On Sunday, 10th of February 2013

126 participants gathered at Galia Beach for the annual Leyte Youth Day which was combined with a Ministers meeting. Youth meets Ministers. This brought about a wonderful fellowship. While the youth competed in various ball games the Brothers met with the District Apostle on a Seminar on Discipleship. “Go….make disciples…” The Lord Jesus told the Apostles (Matthew 28:19) In the…  Read More.

Philippine Apostles in Jakarta/Indonesia

On Monday, 21st of January 2013

The 5 Apostles from the Philippines, Domingo Diagbel, Siegfred Catan, Cleofas Bual, Leonilo Desoloc and Mercurio Nuyad participated in the NACSEAsia Apostles meeting in Jakarta. Together with the Bishops from Indonesia and the District Rectors from the Jakarta District they attended a seminar on the new CATECHISM of the New Apostolic Church at our Nusantara Church. Sunday they served in…  Read More.