General Santos, 6 months after

On Tuesday, 16th of June 2015

Not planned, a pure coincidence, to the day 6 months after the Chief Apostle visit in General Santos the Apostle Pascual welcomed the District Apostle for a sub-district service and the last confirmation for the year 2015. The Youth presented their musical renditions to the congregation. Likewise the day before in our Malita Central Church, a divine service was conducted…  Read More.

In the hot summer months, school is off in the Philippines.

On Tuesday, 9th of June 2015

Time for swimming lessons, family outings and Vacation Bible School. At Makati Church a yearly program dating back to an initiative introduced by NAC Canada. Also this year a 6 days program was offered filled with learning and activities. With play and song biblical stories are re-enacted. This time it was Jacob, Samson,  the Parable of the prodigal son and…  Read More.

Retired, but with one more assignment, Apostle ret. Mercurio Nuyad in Canada

On Friday, 5th of June 2015

For many of us we can remember the special divine service that our Chief Apostle conducted on December 14, 2014 in General Santos City in the Philippines. It was during this divine service that our faithful Apostle and good friend Mercurio Nuyad was placed into a well-deserved retirement. Yes, he would now settle into his home and do a little…  Read More.

PENTECOST 2015 was an outstanding experience

On Monday, 25th of May 2015

The core message of the Divine Service was about the word COME. “the Spirit and the bride, say Come!”  Jesus used this word often calling to follow Him. The true bride loves Christ and calls on Him to come. To come in every divine service and be among the two or three who gather in His name. He does come…  Read More.

Lusaka is ready for Pentecost

On Friday, 22nd of May 2015

254 Apostles from all over Africa are coming to Lusaka to join the Chief Apostle and all District Apostles for the Pentecost Divine service which will be broadcast worldwide. Please see previous post for transmission locations in the Philippines.  

Pentecost 2015

On Thursday, 7th of May 2015

The Chief Apostle will conduct the Pentecost Divine Service at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka in Lusaka/Zambia.  22 locations in the Philippines will be on the receiver list. Our Brothers and Sisters in the Philippines will join millions of new apostolic Christians worldwide in this Divine Service. The head of the New Apostolic Church in Lusaka Millions of believers…  Read More.