Bishop Narciso Algoy retired

On Sunday, 15th of May 2011

25 years Narciso Algoy served in various ministries. 19 years as a Bishop. He worked in the mountains, often under very strenuous circumstances, gathered souls and cared for them. On Sunday 15th May the DA Urs Hebeisen granted him a honourable retirement on behalf of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. 3123 gathered in our Tiling Central Church in Negros Occidental. All…  Read More.

Board of Education founded

On Tuesday, 3rd of May 2011

To provide professional management of the various and challenging teaching programs a team of specialists have been appointed by the District Apostle. District Elder Depaz is the chairman of a board of teachers and educators who serve as volunteers to promote, organize and monitor the curriculum and faculty of NAC Philippines. In his opening address the District Apostle stressed the…  Read More.

Luzon Youth Day 2011

On Sunday, 1st of May 2011

Over 200 young Brethren gathered in Baguio for their yearly retreat with the District Apostle. Already Saturday was filled with fun and games and in the evening, presentations of singing and dancing numbers ending with a picture presentation from the Asian Youth Day in Jakarta. The Sunday Morning service was based on Apostle Pauls admonishment REMEMBER in his 2nd epistle…  Read More.

Philippine Delegation at Asian Youth Day in Jakarta

On Tuesday, 5th of April 2011

A delegation of 48 Filipino youth made it to the ASIAN YOUTH DAY hosted by NAC Indonesia. It was not at all easy to reach Jakarta. The airline out of Clarke failed to board a group of 35 young people due to immigration concerns. Thanks to the efficient handling and accommodation of CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES the Philippine flag was carried…  Read More.

Negros Youth Day in Dumaguete. February 5th and 6th 2011

On Sunday, 6th of February 2011

Over 700 young Brethren came to Amora Beach for the annual Negros Youth Day. Delegations from Bohol and Cebu joined the Negros Youth for 2 days of meetings, fellowship, sports, games and a Divine Service conducted by the District Apostle. The theme chosen by youth organisers themselves was “Let your little light shine”. The most powerful earthly light, the sun,…  Read More.

Year End Convention and Christmas Celebration. 15th – 19th December 2010

On Sunday, 19th of December 2010

The annual NACSEAsia year-end-meetings were again a success. All Apostles, Bishops, National Rectors and Administrative officers gathered at Makati church. Country specific dialogues and deliberations of spiritual topics as well planning and strategic issues were on the agenda. Chief Apostle Leber addressed the assembly from his Hamburg office by video. He emphasized on a target we shall all keep in…  Read More.