Thinking Globally-Acting Locally

On Tuesday, 28th of April 2009

 DA Hebeisen explains his vision for the Church in South East Asia in answering questions in an interview by OUR FAMILY magazine (Volume 55, No. 4, April 2009). One South East Asian Church under local leadership in oneness with the global Church. Dependency from Western World has no future, needed is a concept of “Self-Governance, Self-Proclamation, Self-Support”. A big…  Read More.

26th to 29th March 2009, Apostles meeting in Davao

On Monday, 30th of March 2009

 Together with Bishops from Mindanao all Apostles met in a historical place “the Japanese Tunnel” a structure from 2nd World War and today a small Resort. The meeting was under the theme “manifestation of the spirit for the profit of all” Discussed were subjects from the recent District Apostle’s meeting in Zurich/Switzerland as well as social aspects like “Family…  Read More.

6th March 2009 New Name for NAC Philippines

On Friday, 6th of March 2009

In line with restructuring of the Church in South East Asia the SEC has granted an amendment. Formerly “….New Apostolic Church of Canada in the Philippines….” we are now registered as “….New Apostolic Church of South East Asia…”. The legal form of a Corporation Sole remains.

Jogiakarta/Indonesia 18th January 2009

On Monday, 19th of January 2009

 In a Divine Service conducted by Chief Apostle Leber the District Apostle Alfons Tansahtikno went into retirement. The so far District Apostle Helper Urs Hebeisen was ordained as his successor. Thereby Indonesia and the rest of South East Asia have merged into one District Apostle Area. All countries are now united under one umbrella NACSEAsia (New Apostolic Church South-East…  Read More.

23rd November 2008, Farewell to Bishop Esser

On Sunday, 23rd of November 2008

 Our good friend and Bishop finished his missionary commission in the Philippines. Ever since 1989 he visited the Philippines and occasionally also other South East Asian countries, 2 to 3 times a year with the commission of then Ap E. Wagner to ‘TEACH, UPLIFT AND STRENGTHEN‘. Adding up the total amount of time spent in Asia comes to a…  Read More.

DA Latorcai visits the Philippines, from 30th July to 1st August

On Monday, 18th of August 2008

 He stayed at Apostle Hebeisen’s home who with his wife enjoyed this special soul-care visit .The divine service was in Tayasan, some 2 hours from Dumaguete/Negros Oriental, in the public hall of the municipality over 1800 souls gathered. All 5 Apostles and 12 Bishops from the Philippines as well as Ap. Fred Wolf from Thailand were being hosted. After…  Read More.