Regional Youth Day in Negros Oriental.

On Thursday, 31st of January 2008

 300 young people from Negros Oriental (Area of Ap. Catan) were gathered at Aroma Resort near Bais/Negros Oriental for their annual Youth Day on 22nd and 23rd September. Sports and music dominated the two days fellowship, highlighted by a Divine Service. A delegation from Makati/Metro Manila joined the event. Many a cell phone number was exchanged which will enhance…  Read More.

Thanksgiving 2007

On Thursday, 31st of January 2008

Thanksgiving is widely celebrated in the New Apostolich Church in the Philippines. Especially the youth is dedicated to decorate the Thanksgiving Altar. The big variety of fruit and vegetable are the outer sign of the abundance for which we are all thankful. After the Divine Service the congregation eats some of the produce in a fellowship. The rest is packed…  Read More.

Youth In Subic

On Thursday, 31st of January 2008

13/14 October 2007. As every year, the Makati Youth joined their fellow Youth Members from Pangasinan in a 2 days Youth Event. This years venue was in Subic, near the former Navy base. All enjoyed sports and games, a question forum with DAH Hebeisen, on site prepared meals and a sponsored visit to the nearby Ocean Adventure Show. The highlight…  Read More.

First youth focused District Service in Bukidnon

On Thursday, 31st of January 2008

 The Apostles Catan and Bual accompanied the Ap. Hebeisen for the first District Service in Valencia/Bukidnon. Over 20 Brethren, mostly Youth gathered and enjoyed the lively fellowship program in the afternoon. Our Sub-District Bukidnon is care for by Bishop Desoloc and DEv. Galve and God’s work progresses well. Picture 1

Farewell to 2 Overseas Evangelists

On Thursday, 31st of January 2008

November 2007; Two dedicated Evangelists visit Philippines for last time. The Missionary program initiated by DA Kraus some 30 years ago comes to its completion. Over the years many Brothers from Canada and the US have visited the Philippines to promote God’s work, teach and upgrade our Brothers in the Ministry as well as Teachers of Sunday Schools. Their work…  Read More.

Festive Thanksgiving celebration despite of destructive Typhoon 1 October

On Wednesday, 23rd of January 2008

 The New Apostolic Church in the Philippines celebrated its annual Thanksgiving Day, Sunday, 1st October. Nationwide the congregations came together for a special thanksgiving service, which this year was under the motto “Thanksgiving is a matter of heart not head” It is not circumstantial either. We owe God thanks for everything and at all times. A devastating typhoon hit…  Read More.